NCD Food Bank – launches Feed the Hungry Campaign

25th April 2020

Re: Feed the Hungry Campaign

NCD Food Bank – Feed the Hungry is a community campaign run by National Capital District residents and leading business figures, with the sole objective of being a Food Bank the less fortunate in our city who are facing difficulties in affording food, especially in the face of the global Covid19 pandemic.
NCD Food Bank is a non-partisan, independent movement. We are seeing families in our community struggle to sustain themselves, in light of the global and local economic downturn brought about by Covid19. We believe our Food Bank will be able to alleviate some of the burdens faced by these families in the National Capital District.
NCD Food Bank is focused mostly on in-kind food contributions, but understand that some business houses and the general public may want to assist with cash. We will be making donation announcements on Monday, April 27th.

For more information, please contact Committee members via our Facebook group, NCD FOOD BANK or the website